The Bradley

Custom Printmaking

The Bradley Hotel is a boutique hotel in downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana. The hotel, which opened in 2021, is modern and elegant with Midwestern charm. 

The client, Provenance Hotels, wanted to feature timeless botanical illustrations that gave a nod to the area’s native plants in the guest rooms. I worked with the client to select the botanicals to be featured and I created illustrations that were then carved by hand into linoleum blocks and later hand printed. 

A close up of Julie Wall's hands as she carves a linoleum block by hand in her studio.

Throughout the creative process, I had many design consultations with the interiors group from Portland, Oregon in my studio, virtually,  and on the construction site. 

Botanical Illustration print

At the opening of the hotel, I was also included in their festivities where I provided a mobile print set up into the hotel lobby and let guests try their hand at carving and printing!

Printmaking workshop at The Bradley

This project has been featured in many design publications, including Architectural Digest and Forbes. The hotel has quickly become a staple in our community. These prints are now featured in the majority of the guest rooms and can be enjoyed along your stay!

Julie Wall at The Bradley sitting in front of her prints in a hotel room

Interested in customizing your space? Inquire about our custom offerings and schedule your free consultation. 

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