Bird's Nest Rental

Bird's Nest Rental Door
The Bird's Nest is located in the historic Canton Laundry building. Built in 1890 as a heating hardware, it began its 70 year history as a laundry in 1935. The loft is fully renovated with all the comforts of home and includes a private master bedroom, a separate additional sleeping loft space, and a quiet workspace. Located just blocks away from walking and bike trails, kayak rentals, the Embassy Theatre, Botanical Conservatory, coffee shop, bars, and so many amazing eateries!
This space is available for over night stays through Airbnb, or for small events, photoshoots, parties, etc. If you would like to request an event, photoshoot, or party please email Julie at for more information and booking availability. 

We can't wait to host you! 

Bird's Nest Rental living room
Bird's Nest Rental living room
The Bird's Nest bedroom
The Bird's Nest bathroomThe Bird's Nest bathroom
The Bird's Nest staircase