ACRES Land Trust’s Woodland Interior

Custom Murals

My creative work has long been inspired by our natural landscape in northern Indiana, so I was thrilled by the opportunity to work with ACRES Land Trust to help them activate their office with a new retail area featuring a woodland mural. 

ACRES Land Trust Woodland Mural

ACRES Land Trust owns and protects natural and working lands, inspiring people to value, appreciate and support these places for the benefit of all — today and forever.

For this project, I painted a mural in their new entryway along with designing, installing, and organizing a new merchandise area where they are able to sell and promote their goods. 

ACRES Land Trust Woodland MuralACRES Land Trust Woodland Mural

With the mural, ACRES really wanted to showcase all of the unique landscapes we have here in our area; prairies, forests, wetlands, etc. I was able to paint a piece that wraps around their space, creating an interesting composition that includes the landscape, local plants and animals, and showcases all that ACRES has preserved.

Throughout the mural process, I let the staff choose their favorite native plants and animals to be included. It was a fun way to give ownership of the piece back to the organization and those that work within it. 

ACRES Land Trust Woodland Retail AreaACRES Land Trust Woodland Retail Area

Within the retail area, they wanted something that helped streamline the storage and display of their merchandise. This included an area for clothing, literature, maple syrup, hiking bandannas, and stickers just to name a few. They also wanted something that didn’t look too commercial and kept with an organic outdoor look.

I was able to source branches from the ACRES office site where they had just cut down a few trees and a talented ACRES employee cut beautiful shelves for the space from trees on site. 

The final product is a welcoming space for ACRES visitors to enjoy and explore. 

Are you interested in sprucing up your space? Reach out to learn more about our creative interior and mural services for both private and public spaces! 

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