Julie Wall

About Julie

Julie Wall is the artist and maker behind the HEDGE. Living in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where she grew up, has allowed her the opportunity to discover herself through art. With a background in printmaking and metals, she assembles pieces while layering imagery and texture. She is continually inspired by the environment, insects, women, and pattern. Designing and creating everything for the HEDGE while hanging out with her bearded guy and their pups. Loving everything to do with art, design, print and statement jewelry!


The HEDGE was established in 2013 and began as a fine art printshop. We continue to create fine art prints, provide letterpress services, workshops, engraving, calligraphy, and much more. We have recently branched out into providing our own line of unique products including statement jewelry, stationery, and artistic house wares. We are continually thankful for the support from our community and online friends. Our goal is to spread light, love, positivity, and art!  


Julie Wall and the HEDGE have been featured in  Architectural DigestForbesWedding Day MagazineTravel AwaitsInput Fort Wayne, Fort Wayne Magazine, the Journal Gazette, and more.  

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