Workshop - Drypoint - In Person

Workshop - Drypoint - In Person

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Drypoint is a type of intaglio printing, a fine art printing process where the image is imbedded into the plate. Historically a copper or zinc metal plate would be used but we will be using acrylic. Ink is then rubbed into the lines and wiped away from the surface. The ink stays inside the scratched lines. Using wet paper and with the help of a printing press the paper then pulls the ink out of the plate to show the image. It's truly magical!

I'm so flippin' excited to invite you to join me in this class! This is a very intricate process that people generally don't have the opportunity to do unless they take a course at a university. 

This is a wonderful course for beginners and intermediate printers alike! You don't need to have any prior knowledge or experience printing...I promise. Just bring your eager mind and nimble hands to the HEDGE and I'll provide the rest. All guidance, instruction, equipment, tools, and supplies are included. 

*Suitable for ages 15+