Activist Wear - Deafness is the Fresh new sound
Activist Wear - Deafness is the Fresh new sound
Activist Wear - Deafness is the Fresh new sound

Activist Wear - Deafness is the Fresh new sound

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In collaboration with (deaf) artist Daniel Dienelt, these were created from his original phrase "Deafness is the Fresh new sound". 

These are laser cut from gold, white, and translucent charcoal acrylic and approximately 2" x 2". they have surgical steel stud fittings and are very lightweight. Also offered as clip ons.

Deaf Awareness

Deaf Power promotes the history, languages and values of Deaf communities all over the world. As both sign and symbol, it spreads our cultural pride. Our identity is widely diverse and Deaf Power can be used by you to reflect this diversity. Being an open-source symbol, we encourage its application both within and beyond the Deaf community. The symbol is based on the written form of Deaf Power, which is signed with an open palm over an ear and with other hand forming a closed fist in the air.

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A portion of the sales from this piece will be donated monthly to DeafLink.

DeafLink has proudly been providing case coordination services to people who are Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing since 1990. With more than 22,000* people who are hard-of-hearing living in Northeast Indiana, we are hard at work to increase the independence and self-sufficiency of the people we serve.

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