Butterfly Wings - Eye See You 2
Butterfly Wings - Eye See You 2

Butterfly Wings - Eye See You 2

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Make a statement with these gorgeous REAL wings! These are guaranteed to make you fly above the rest at a party!

Preserved in a plastic coating to show the difference in design from front to back. These range in size from less than 1" wings to up to 3" wings. There are many style and color variations and each pair is completely ONE-OF-A-KIND!

This style has surgical steel sling-back hoops so you can easily flip the wings over and wear them showing the backsides! That's like 2 pairs of earrings for one! These also have a beautiful hand cut mustard faux leather piece behind the wings to add some drama!

Wings featured are approximately 2.25" tall X 2" wide

*Materials are collected ethically, all butterflies and moths perished naturally